Weight Management

We have a number of specific programs developed and suited to assist persons dealing with excess body fat to effectively lose weight, and learn to keep it off.  Our physician, Dr. James Matthew Andry, MD is a board-certified Bariatric specialist with over 12 years experience in helping patients rid themselves of the physical, hormonal, and emotional problems that come from excessive weight.  Our staff is trained specifically to identify and manage the physical, medical, and emotional barriers to weight loss that so many experience.

Andry Medical Services is an exclusive licensed provider of the New Direction weight reduction program, a plan with a proven and extensively studied, evidence-based system, providing rapid, safe, and effective weight-loss.  All of these things will immediately reduce known health consequences and problems associated with excess body weight.


  • We are directed by an experienced and passionate physician who is a national leader in medical weight loss and who sees weight as a chronic health problem (just like hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol) not a personality flaw.
  • We utilize widely accepted and well-documented methods of reducing weight.
  • We are flexible.  We can taylor our programs to suit our clients.
  • We are dedicated.  Nothing thrills us more than your success.
  • We are compassionate.  Each of us has struggled with weight ourselves, and we understand and empathize with the frustration, hopelessness, fear, and self-doubt that plagues sufferers of excess body weight.
  • We won’t quit.  We can’t promise everyone just the results they’re seeking, because it doesn’t all depend on us.  We can promise that you don’t have to be alone in the process.
  • We never stop learning.  We are continually exploring the latest research and methods for helping patients find weight success.
  • And the door always stays open. Our bodies do not think excess fat is bad (they think it’s just more in the “savings account”). So if you’ve lost weight (with us or elsewhere) and have regained, get a hold of us early and we will gently and effectively get you back on track.

Please look through our site and meet our team.  We plan to be your personal guides to a life of freedom from weight and peace of mind through your health-discovering journey.