Food for Thought

Just food for thought: The Neocortex of the mammalian brain is several hundred million years younger than the limbic system. So in terms of our biology, FEELINGS, while not necessarily more important,… Read More

When Antibiotics Won’t Work

You probably already know that antibiotics are for bacterial infections and not viral infections. But do you know what illnesses and symptoms fall under each type? Antibiotics won’t help with common viral… Read More

When to come in for a cold

It’s called the common cold for a reason. We usually get one every year, even multiple times a year. Children are like magnets for a cold virus and average 6-10 a year…. Read More

Open House Recap

The open house was wonderful! Thank you to all who came to support us. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting some new faces. A big thank you to our event… Read More

What’s this open house I keep hearing about?

We’re excited about hosting an open house next month to showcase our unique services. We’re passionate about what we do and so are our patients. After experiencing their first appointment, our patients… Read More

Andry Medical’s Unique Approach

Dr. Andry provides a level of comprehensive healthcare that is the exception in modern medicine. He starts by listening to you. Isn’t that where every revolution starts? And isn’t that what’s been… Read More

The Cash Pay Model vs. Insurance

If you receive your insurance through your employer or now through the Affordable Care Act, you’re familiar with “open enrollment” for health insurance. You likely have a few options from which to… Read More

A word about labs…..

Labs are an amazing tool.  They have added so much to our understanding of the body and our ability to diagnose many problems and manage a great number of conditions more effectively. It’s… Read More

“Dr. Andry, what kind of medical practice do you have?”

One of the things I get asked all the time is, “Dr. Andry, so what kind of medical practice do you have?” Now in general, I mistrust labels, particularly when it comes… Read More

Putting the Pieces of Good Health Together

There’s a lot more to your body than meets the eye. Your eye is part of it, of course, but your body and your body’s health is about a lot more than… Read More